My mission in life is to help aspiring singers and songwriters be the best that they can be.       Here’s how I can help you.

Preshias Harris

My name is Preshias Harris and I am a 27-year veteran of Nashville’s Music Row. I am a music career development consultant and the author of a new reference handbook for singer/songwriters. I look forward to helping you  move your career in music to the next level of success.

When you set out to become a songwriter, or singer-songwriter, you also become part of the music business. Why? Because now it is your career – even if it’s your part-time career – and you are now going to get paid for your creations. Or at least, you should be.

The ‘Need to Know’ handbook that you really need

The Singer/Songwriter’s Need to Know Reference Handbook

I recommend that you read my book ‘The College of Songology℠ 101 : The Singer/Songwriter’s Need to Know Reference Handbook.’  Every section has been developed from years of working with aspiring singer/songwriters. From that experience, I know how to focus exactly on what you need to know and how to explain it in simple terms so you can use it for a lifetime in music.

You can find out more about the book, and how to get your own copy of the print or e-book version by clicking here.

Personally helping the development of your career in music

The best way for me to pass on the knowledge I have acquired over my many years in Nashville is when we meet face-to-face, and together we develop a customized plan based on your musical vision and level of experience.  I work with a limited number of aspiring songwriters and artists, and schedule occasional group classes as well, in what I call The College of Songology℠ .

Part of my mission is to demystify the complex and confusing world of the music business as it relates to you, the new or aspiring singer or songwriter. You don’t need to know everything.  In fact, not a single person in the music industry knows everything, and you should be wary of anyone (or any book or website) that promises to teach you everything.

What I can do is be ‘your friend in the music business’ who makes sure you’re on the right track to success. I can provide you with the knowledge that will keep you and your creations safe from the ‘sharks’ that are waiting to get their teeth into you and your wallet!  I can help you understand the phrases and terminology that are commonplace to music professionals but can be baffling to those who ‘aren’t in the know.’  I can show you how to earn money from your songs.

I can help you understand the ‘unwritten rules’ that can derail your career if you don’t follow them. You will learn about copyrighting and licensing your songs, about music publishing and cutting a demo.  Perhaps most important of all, I can show you what you should NOT do as you set out to follow your dream.

To learn more about how I may be able to help you in the development of your career in music, click here.

Please explore this website to see if I can help you.  And please take a moment to read what hit songwriters and music biz execs are saying about ‘The College of Songology℠ 101′ on the Songology book reviews page here.